With the interplay of data and insight...
                                             a picture emerges.


The objective of the research was for Delaware North to learn how their services are perceived in comparison to their competitors, and to use the information to build their fine dining brand in arena skybox and club venues


  • Competitive Snapshot of the Industry – Gathered information from sport foodservice locations that compete with Delaware North
  • Independent Audits – Conducted ON-SITE audits of the Delaware North and competitive facilities from a consumer perspective
  • Executive Interviews – Conducted interviews with stadium executives responsible for purchasing Delaware North or competitor contract services
  • Consumer Interviews and Survey -- Conducted telephone interviews with suite-holders to learn their perceptions of the food service provided at Delaware North and competitive locations.


  1. Client and lead competitor were found to be on par with each other as far as the quality of products and services they offer
  2. Competitor had better top of mind awareness in this particular product niche
  3. Strong marketing, operating “mindset” and heritage contributed to competitor’s market position
  4. Client’s operating heritage contributed to a dated and inaccurate perception
  5. Results suggested the client needed to develop the WOW factor in food offerings, presentation, customer service, etc. to compete with the number one player in the segment.


  • While the number one brand was viewed to have a strong and defendable stake on that position, our client moved forward introducing product and program improvements based on the gold standard employed by the #1.
  • As a result of actions taken based on research findings about market perception, operating philosophy and product mix, our client has improved their business position.